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The RMS User ID is what you will use to login to RMS

Enter an RMS User ID that will be easy for you to remember.

Note: RMS User ID is case sensitive and can have lower case, upper case, numbers, hyphen, underscore, full stop , but no other special characters.

To make the RMS User ID more secure, it is recommended that it not be firstname. familyname. or email address.
This address will be used in all RMS correspondence
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The administering organisation is the organisation who you wish to administer your account (e.g. a Research Office or Australian Research Council). Use the list of eligible organisations to choose your administering organisation.

Proposed Partner Investigators, not employed by Australian universities, should select the Australian Research Council as their administering organisation unless otherwise advised.

You must select an administering organisation in order to request a new account. If you select the "Australian Research Council" to administer your account then you must also choose an affiliate organisation (see affiliate organisation information).
InformationResearch Office staff at this organisation will have full access to your account, except your email address
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NOTE: Ensure you search on several variations of your organisations name. If your organisation is not listed and you are affiliated with an Australian University, contact your Research Office to have the record created. If you are not affiliated to an Australian University, contact the RMS Helpdesk
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The affiliate organisation is the organisation for whom you are currently working. This is a non mandatory field, unless you select the "Australian Research Council" as your administering organisation in which case you must select an affiliate organisation.

To select your affiliate organisation you can either use the search functionality to find your organisation from the list of existing organisations or if you are unable to find your organisation then you can enter its name.
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